Coco - Remember Me on Fisher Price Record

I found an old Fisher Price record player for my daughter's Christmas present and while I was looking up maintenance tips for the toy, I came across Fred's excellent Record Editor for making your own records.

This sounded straightforward enough and actually it is. The tricky part is transposing the notes to the Fisher Price stave. I wanted to put together an arrangement of "Remember Me" from Pixar's Coco for her birthday as it is by far her favourite song.


So I found a simplified version of it on Youtube and this is what my first stab at it looked like:


Unfortunately, I am missing a note here. The Fisher Price record player shipped with ten tunes and twenty-two tines on the needle, making as many notes available. However notes that were not required for the song library were left out, so no flats or sharps, critically for "Remember Me".

Here is the note I need:

And here is the nearest neighbour:

Sounds terrible. So I gave up on this approach.

Happily my wife made another more sophisticated attempt, taking in the left-hand part of the arrangement which almost satisfactorily covers over the absence of the impossible note.


We thought this was good enough to print. Here's the file if you want to try it yourself or just have a listen. There are a couple of things to watch out for in the printing process:

  • The more notes you add, the closer the spacing will be between notes on the record.
  • Even serviced, the record player is slow - I had to speed up the video at the top of this page to make it sound more like the FPR file.
  • I used Shapeways and their 'Versatile Plastic' product, which produced excellent results. The end result still needed to be sanded down in order to stop the needle skipping
  • For some reason Fred has commented-out the part of the Scada file that prints the label on the record. I uncommented the code and restored the missing OpenScada library and the label printed fine for me.

Anyway the single arrived, I printed a sleeve and it is now my daughter's favourite record, taking the top spot from 'London Bridge is falling down'!