I hosted another night of films in Annesbrook on the 11th, all organised by Shane at 50% Human. We screened films and provided a meal for about twenty guests. As well as some Super 8 digests, Tim Hawkins and I had spent the afternoon assembling a rough cut of a horror movie to round off the night whilst Carmel managed the logistics. At midnight we were able to premiere our short film;

‘The Picture in the House’ is a loose version of the H.P. Lovecraft story that marked a transition from gothic horror to a more local New England sort of tale. This adaptation shifts the action from post-civil war America to Ireland, after our own civil war. A young anthropologist collecting folk tales on a tape recorder takes shelter in a remote Mayo farmhouse during a storm and begins to doubt the occupant’s hospitality as a fever takes hold. The old man of the house can be seen in the still below;

The Picture in the House

Imagine the mind-bending horror when the hideous old man from the film appeared at the screening!

The Unexpected Guest

As well as the home-made horror, we had a full programme of films, from a 10 minute trailer of ‘The Phantom Planet’ with a surf rock soundtrack to a hypnotic screening of George Méliés ‘Voyage Dans la Lune’ from 1902.

Just before dinner we gave the audience a condensed version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and for a classic Halloween flavour we screened some Hammer House classics, The Crimson Cult and The Devil Rides Out. You can get a flavour of the films from this trailer I made for the night;

The Screen
The Location

Late into the night we continued with Holocaust 2000 and 3d classics such as Third Dimensional Murder and It Came From Outer Space to an increasingly twisted audience.

The Audience
The Old Man

I think everyone had a good time.