Come and see some short horror films this weekend - bring a few beers and enjoy a mixture of 8mm and 16mm stories. Both main features are shot in black and white on spring-driven cameras and developed by hand.

All films were shot and developed with the assistance of Dark Room and their amazing 16mm workshop.

The first is 'Electronic Voice Phenomenon' - delving into the clash of religion and science in Ireland, this film hones in on a period of detente in the 1970s when priests and engineers joined forces to record voices of the dead.

The violent, amateur photographic development process adds weight to the spectral presence in this spine-tingling film, as our heroes face down forces of evil and the outcome is uncertain as the malevolent power builds to a crescendo.

The second feature 'The Inheritance' follows the hapless relative of a deceased country landowner who discovers that his estate is not the windfall it appears to be. Featuring Tim Hawkin's inimitable direction, the film uses the results of some interesting research into apotropaic magic to uncanny ends.

I will also be screening an 8mm version of 'The Picture in the House' the infamous HP Lovecraft short story adapted for an Irish location, and perhaps some other spooky films will follow before the night is out.

Bet that trailer audio has already set your teeth on edge!

Horror on Brunswick Street