These steps are cobbled together from various sources on the web.

  1. Get a USB SATA enclosure. The one I got said it supported drives of up to 2tb, it had no problem mounting a 3tb drive.
  2. Take one of the drives (doesn’t matter which) from the WD Live Duo enclosure and mount it in the new enclosure.
  3. Plug the newly-mounted disk and a second external disk (to recover to) into your Linux box. I just used a Raspberry Pi.
  4. Log in as root
  5. Make folder to copy data into ‘mkdir /mnt/dest’
  6. My spare disk was Ntfs so I needed a driver for that;
    ‘apt-get install ntfs-3g’
  7. Mount your destination disk  -
    ‘mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1′
  8. Check your disks with ‘parted -l’ – you should see something like

1 4624MB 3001GB 2996GB ext4 primary

9. Note the drive id above this entry, in my case it was /dev/sdc

10. start debugfs (note the large sector size setting of 65536)

`debugfs: open -b 65536 /dev/sdb4`
`debugfs: cd /shares/Public`
`debugfs: ls`
`debugfs: cd ..`
`debugfs: ls`
`debugfs: rdump Public /mnt/dest/`

11. Handy trick when debugfs is running; ctrl-z to suspend it, ‘bg’ to start it again and ‘disown -h %1′ to detach it from the terminal process
12. ‘ls /mnt/dest/ | wc -l’ will show updated copies