Super 8 Projectors can be very unforgiving. I’ve often melted a frame on my Chinon projector through inattention or the film getting stuck. Anyway, I finally got around to tracking down an LED replacement to the hot 75w Osram halogen bulb it uses. After doing a bit of research, I’ve discovered that most Super 8 projectors use MR-16 bulbs and that LED replacements are available from Amazon. You can get one the one I bought here.

The replacement is only 50-60w equivalent, but it only uses 9w power and generates almost no heat. It is slightly larger than the bulb it replaces but I found that I could fit it after trimming the pins a bit. The bulb actually comprises 3x3w LEDs but this didn’t cause the triple-projected image I was worried about. Once installed, the image was clear and focused.

Now I can stop the projector on a frame for as long as I like and I have probably also extended the life of the device. Switching over to LED technology means being able to take advantage of more powerful bulbs in the future, the projector should be able to power bulbs up to 8 times more powerful if they become available.